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How do I solve (-8(-9))/3

I don't even know whether it is multiplication, addition etc. This is something to do with Integers. I am taking Basic College Mathematics.

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To solve this problem (-8(-9))/3 , we have to follow the order of operations. Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Salary which can be interpreted as Parentheses Exponent Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction is one way to remember the order of operations when solving a problem with multiple operations. Now for this problem the symbols shown are parentheses "()" and a backslash "/". The "/" is another sign for division. For the parentheses "()", whenever you have a number within the parentheses and outside of it, it means you can multiply the two values. Another way to think of it is the distributive property a(b+c) = ab + ac. The a is outside the parentheses and b+c is in it. This can be thought of as a multiplies b+c. For this problem, (-8(-9))/3 can be interpreted as -8 times -9 then divided by 3 following the order of operations.


(-8(-9))/3 = ( -8(-9) ) / 3

(-8 multiply -9) divided by 3

72 divided by 3



Hope this helps!