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its complicated

4x-12/x2 +4x-21



Olalekan, you have to use parenthesis! Is your question to simplify the expression

(4x - 12) / (x2 + 4x - 21) ?

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2 Answers

If we assume that Nataliya is right and the question is

(4x - 12) / (x2 + 4x - 21)

We can simplify it like so

(2x-3.46)/(x+2x-4.58): This takes the square root of your original equation





Zoltan, if I am right, then answer will be  3 / (x + 7)   :) 

Can you work that out for me? It seems a bit at odds with the x squared term. :)

You need to factor out the numerator and denominator in order to simplify.

Original:                    (4x-12)/(x^2+4x-21)
Factor Top:                [4(x-3)]/(x^2+4x-21)
Factor Bottom:           [4(x-3)]/[(x-3)(x+7)]
Cancel like terms:       [4(x-3)]/[(x-3)(x+7)]
Simplified term:          4/(x+7)