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Algebra: I need some help solving this equation

The the problem is 1/3x -6< 4 I need some help solving this problem, Also I have to graph it. Thank you




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Jake T. | TutorMakeEasyNowTutorMakeEasyNow

Hi there!

This is fairly a simple problem. I know how you feel when you see the "<" sign. Do not worry, it is easier than you think.

First off, you need to simplify the equation, and by simplify, I mean that you need to isolate variables on 1 side of the equation and real numbers on the other side, it should look like this:

1/3x -6<4 => 1/3x< 4+6

1/3x < 10.

x < 30.

Now, to graph this is also simple. First, just treat this as x = 30. I assume that you should know to graph x =30. It is a vertical line that is perpendicular to the x-axis at the pt x=30. Then since the equation is

x<30, that simply means all point to the left of the line.

I hope this helps you.