Gene expression

During gene expression, what must occur prior to a gene being expressed?


Italian class help needed

Please fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition.,, Italian 1. Stasera andiamo tutti ___ cinema2.. leri sono stata tutto il giorno ____ casa, ma oggi esco ___ I miei amici3.. Carlo ha... more

What does this sentence mean " As loud as the voice in my head was telling me to run, my legs refused to move."

What does "as lout as the voice in my head was telling me to run" t mean?   "As loud as the voice in my head was telling me to run, my legs refused to move."Thank you.


Fill In The Blanks

Text 4: Effectiveness of peer assessmentsThe shift in the last few decades to online and blended modes of learning in higher education has created a need to examine how effective learning... more


How do I pronounce the sound GLI in Italian?

The sound GLI is present in many words in Italian but not in English. Many students have trouble pronounce words like BIGLIETTO, CONIGLIO, CONSIGLIO, VANIGLIA etc


I or me (subject of the sentence)

My father didn’t encourage my brother and I to bond.should this be ‘my brother and me’ (because parents is the subject?)


When do you use the courtesy form 'Lei' in Italian?

Lei is sometimes used to indicate she, the feminine third person, but also in a special situation to address a person, irrespective of whether is a male or a female.


We would have missed you

to say “We would have missed you,” I want to say “To us you would have been missing” as “Ci saresti aver mancato.” How close am I and what do Italians actually say?


Cystic fibrosis

Genetic diabosis for cystic fibrosis

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