I'm building a square pole barn. I don't own a square. How can I square it?

I've already installed one wall. The length is 12ft. I'm about to install the next wall but I want to be exactly square. So this wall will also be 12ft. So, if A to B = 12ft and B to C = 12ft, what... more


Which of the following is a true statement?

A) Construction in the 21st century has shown a lag when compared to other industries B) Innovations in the construction industry during the 21st century have outnumbered those in other industries... more

How would you incorporate Brutalist Architecture and city planning into a large plot of land that you recently inherited?

A new premium property law allows you to place your plot of land for development, adjacent to any major city in the United States.


How to develop a growing interest in building / engineering / architecture in a 12 year old?

My 12 year old son is constantly making different buildings and structures using magnet tiles, blocks, and marble run pieces. Less into Lego, he's very interested in building structures in... more


How can you make a drywall ceiling section?

Im college student trying to do a ceiling with a plasterboard but i don't know how to do the section. I would appreciate the help.

Curtain from the ceiling when the window is not?

Hello, I have a 3,7m (12feet) high ceiling and it doesn't feel cozy. To solve that people have been reccomending me to hang curtains to the ceiling and not right above the window. Problem is: all... more


how to become a tutor

Hi im interesting in teching sketchup how can i do that

Subfloor - civil engineering

If i have a cut and fill project, how can i have a subfloor for ventilation? because the earth underneath would block the wind from one direction and it really cannot act as ventilation.

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