H(x)= small 3 at top radical sign(4x^2 -1)

Find the 2 functions f and g such that (f•g)(x)= H(x)f(x)=g(x)=

Rewrite the expression so that it is not in fractional form.

9tan2(x) / csc(x) + 1Answer: ______


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Given: ∠ABD≅∠BDEprove: ∠CBD≅∠CDB. C /\ / \ Note: AC and... more

Find the Limit of a function

Find the limit. (If the limit is infinite, enter '∞' or '-∞', as appropriate. If the limit does not otherwise exist, enter DNE.)lim x → ∞ (e−x + 4 cos(3x))

Calculus Limits

Is there a number a such that lim x→ −2 (3x2 + ax + a + 3) / (x2 + x − 2) exists? If so, find the value of a and the value of the limit.


can you please help ,e with this problem

11. Reason quantitatively. Use your answer from Item 9 to write a conjecture about the symbolic representation for a 270° counterclockwise rotation. (x,y) → (  ,   )Blank 1: Blank 2: 

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