I'm not sure what a compound inequality is

Write a compound inequality that represents the following phrase. Graph the solutions. all real numbers that are between −2 and 7


How do I solve this problem?

You paddle a canoe at a steady speed on a river where the current’s speed is 1km/hr. You go 7.7km downstream and then 7.7 km upstream to get back to where you started. The trip takes 3.6 hours.a.... more


Calculus Differential Equations

If y0 satisfies the equationsdy/dx + 6xy^4 = 0, y(0) = 1/2find the value of y0(2) 44^-1/3 64^1/4 56^1/3 -32^1/4 -28^1/3 need help really bad i wanna learn how to do this ! :)

PLEASE HELP! I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS!! Perform the specific elementary row operation and type the resulting system of equations.

-x +  y −  z = 103x − 2y + 6z = 4   x + 2y +  z = 5  (Eq1) + (Eq3) ⟶ (Eq3)(Eq1)       (Eq2)     (Eq3)


Physics Levers Question

A uniform bar AB is 2m long and weighs 120N. An upward force of 50N is applied 40cm from end A. A downward force of 60N is applied at end A and a downward force of 80N is applied at end B. Find the... more


continuity calculas 1

The function  is given by the formula    f(x)=(5x3+162+10x+21)/x+3     , when x<-3   and by the formula f(x)=-3x2+2x+a     , when x>= -3.What value must be chosen for  in order to make this... more

Help me with physics pls

Encke’s comet revolves around the sun in a period of just over three years. The closest it approaches the sun is 4.95 × 10^7 km, at which time its orbital speed is 2.54 × 10^5 km/h. At what... more

WORD PROBLEM: Solve the word problem. In the space provided, type the answer without any spaces between the letters, numbers, or symbols.

Let x and y be inversely related. If x is 5 when y is 6, find y when x is 3


Find the values of a and b such that the function f(x) is continuous at x = 0

f(x) =(sin(ax))(sin(1/x)) if x ≠ 0b if x =0


The System of Equations

Recall that the 2x2 coding matrix I used wasFind the inverse of the coding matrix to find the decoding matrix.

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