Where can i share my vocals?

I mean is there any telegram groups? I want to know people opinion about my voice singing


How do I increase my breath to sing a long note?

How do I increase my breath to sing a long note?Sing a long note in different tones? How to sing a long note.Breath control

What are the methods used while writing pop music that make it so recognizably pop?

I used to think that it's the four chord structure. But in reality many genres have four chord songs (e.g. Rock and Country) and pop isn't always limited to four chords (e.g. 2U). I used to think... more


What should I look for in a voice teacher?

I want a voice teacher to teach me how to sing, but I don't know how to tell if they are a good fit for me or not. What should I look for in a voice teacher so I know that they are an effective... more


How old should you be when you write your first song?

I want to write music because I love to sing. But I don't know if I am the right age to start writing music.

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