What is the purpose of gluconeogenesis?

The gluconeogenesis pathway seems quite pointless to me. I don't understand why an organism would want to spend energy to create a molecule that can then be metabolized again for less energy? The... more

Probability and combinations

In a 5 card hand what’s the probability of having two pairs?


How much energy is evolved during the rxn of 32.5g of B2H6 and 72.5g of Cl2?

Molar mass of B2H6 is 27.62 g/molB2H6(g)+6Cl2(g)= 2BCl3(g)+ 6HCl(g)Delta H rxn= -1396 kJ


Diabetics: Sugary Tissues vs Fat

Do diabetics have extra sugar/glucose in their tissues? If so, why? Why didn't the body deal with the sugar by turning it into fat?

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