Stoichiometry Grams to Grams

2 Fe2O3 + 3C —> 4 Fe + 3CO21) How many grams of Fe will be produced if 39.64 grams of CO2 are used ?2) How many grams of FeO2 are used if 2.88 grams of Fe are produced ?


If 49.0g of H3PO4 is reacted with excess KOH, determine the percent yield of K3PO4 if you isolate 49.0g of K3PO4

Given the the equation : H3PO4 + KOH


What is the final pressure assuming that temperature and the number of moles are constant?

A chamber initially at 0.985 atm and 22.4 L of He undergoes a change in pressure such that the final volume is 50.1 L. What is the final pressure assuming that temperature and the number of moles... more


im trying to figure out wht is the anwer to this question ? 8.76x10^9(6.52x10^-3)/13.27x10^5


What is Covalency?


Is nitrogren (N) or sulfur (S) more nonmetallic?

Is nitrogen (N) or sulfur (S) more nonmetallic? Please explain reasoning.


If the amount of hydrogen in a balloon of fixed size is doubled,

what happens to the mass and density of the balloon?

Is co2 organic?


5.2 grams of water undergo electrolysis, how many grams of oxygen gas is produced?

I need to know how to set up the problem.


How can we learn chemistry valency?


Why does salt dissolve better than baking soda?

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