How to make an image center (vertically & horizontally) inside a bigger div?

I have a div 200 x 200 px. I want to place a 50 x 50 px image right in the middle of the div. How can it be done?I am able to get it centered horizontally by using `text-align: center` for the div.... more


How to open link in new tab on html?

I'm working on an HTML project, and I can't find out how to open a link in a new tab without javascript.I already know that `` opens the link in same tab. Any ideas how to make it open in a new one?


How to create a lighter/darker shade of a color for the hover state of a button?

I've been designing buttons for a while now but when it comes to selecting the color(s) for the hover state of either a gradient or solid its been mostly been a matter eyeballing a darker tone. Is... more


Good color palette, usable for the color blind?

I'm designing a chart right now, that will slowly have more items added to it. I'd like to create an list/order of colors for the items, that will be most usable for the color blind to... more


How to force child div to be 100% of parent div's height without specifying parent's height?

I have a site with the following structure: The navigation is on the left and the content div is on the right. The information for the content div is pulled in through... more


target="_blank" vs. target="_new"?

What's the difference between `` and `` and which should I use if I just want to open a link in a new tab/window?


How to make a HTML Page in A4 paper size page(s)?

Is it possible to make a HTML page behave, for example, like a A4-sized page in MS Word?Essentially, I want to be able to show the HTML page in the browser, and outline the content in the... more


Open URL in same window and in same tab?

I want to open a link in the same window and in the same tab that contains the page with the link.When I try to open a link by using `window.open`, then it opens in new tab—not in the same tab in... more


What are some good practices to organize CSS code?

Source code editor for HTML/CSS/JS with projects support?

I am looking for a source code editor with the support for: - Javascript, HTML, CSS syntax highlighting - Auto-completion, Source formatting (for the above languages) - 'Projects' where you can... more


when we can use positions property in css?

when we can use position and display property in css? and position property description


search box

i have a search box in my local website my website is not yet online and am new in programming and i cant use my search box like youtube or tottentz search box.What should i learn for a search box... more


you should vary the style of web pages within a site for variety

True or false?


I'm trying to learn web design. I desperately need help moving a div up under the header. Please help.

My HTML <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><link rel="stylesheet" href="tyrastyle.css"><title>Homework2016</title></head><body><div id="header">... more


CSS rule that will make a div with ID equal to "main_menu"

How can I Write a CSS rule that will make a div with ID equal to "main_menu" to have white font, green background, top and bottom margins to be equal to 5px and to have no left and right margins?

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