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Find the difference quotient and simplify answer.

F(x)=5x-x2Find the difference quotient and simplify answer.

Derivative of the function

, y'=?

For the piecewise function 𝑝(𝑥) ={√𝑥 + 4, 𝑥 ≤ 5 find each of the following:

For the piecewise function 𝑝(𝑥) ={√𝑥 + 4, 𝑥 ≤ 5 find each of the following:{(x-5)^2, x>5a) 𝑝(−3) b) 𝑝(0) c) 𝑝(5) d) 𝑝(10)do all 3, show works please


Write the inequality notation, set-builder notation, and interval notation of the image below

Image here:

use disk method to find the volume when the region is rotated around the x-axis

y=x^4, x=0, y=1. Find the volume using the disk method


Writing equations of linear functions

Writing equations of linear functions, please help! The chart below is asking what the slope, y intercept, and equations are. In the first chart it has x on the left and underneath are the numbers:... more

If cosθ=12/13 and cotθ < 0. find the exact value of sin(θ) and tan(θ).

If cosθ=12/13 and cotθ < 0. find the exact value of sin(θ) and tan(θ).How would I sketch this in an x-y plane?

find the average rate of change of each function on the interval specified for real numbers

p(x)=3x+4 on [2,2+h] a(t)=1/t+4 on [9, 9+h] j(x)=3x^3 on [1,1+h] f(x)= 2x^2-3x on [x,x+h] I cannot find any help regarding these questions. I am not sure on the steps it takes to complete them.


Differentiat the following: f(x)= ln((e^(3x)+2)/(e^(5x))

Having trouble with some calc 2 homework. Differentiating logs is proving to be difficult for me.

Finding constants given an equation, finding the simplified expression to find f', and finding f' of various numbers.

Let f(x)=−1+5x2. If h≠0, then the difference quotient can be simplified asf(x+h)−f(x)h=Ah+Bx+C,1.where A, B, and C are constants. (Note: It's possible for one or more of these constants to be 0.)... more

Challenging rational expression question that includes probability

This is the question: Consider an experiment in which a marble is tossed into a box whose base is shown in the figure. The probability that the marble will come to rest in the shaded portion of the... more

solve: -13/4k - 8/3k = 7/3( -3/2k + 7/3) + 9/4(-3/2k + 3/2)

I already tried timing everything by 12, but I keep getting the wrong answer based off of my calculator. Can someone explain the steps so I can understand better?THank you!

How to simplify 2(h+1)^3 - 2 all over h ?

I am doing a function f(x) = 2x^3 on [1, 1 + h]Assuming I'm correct, that would be f(x+h) - f(x) over htherefor, (2(h+1)^3) - (2(1)^3) over hwhich simplifies to 2(h+1)^3 -2 over hHowever, I am... more

What would the angles need to be increased to ?

An isosceles triangle has two angles of 25°. The length of the side joining these two angles is 48mm. What would the angles need to be increased to in order to double the area of the triangle if... more


Let S be the solid obtained by rotating the region shown in the figure about the y-axis. (Assume a = 6 and b = 3.)

Find its circumference c and height hc(x)=______h(x)=_______Use shells to find the volume V of SV=_______


Which are the possible courses for the sailboat?

A sailboat set a course of N 25° E from a small port along a shoreline that runs north and south. Sometime later the boat overturned and the crew sent out a distress call. They estimated that they... more

A right triangle has a vertical side of length 8, a horizontal side of length 15, and a hypotenuse of length 17. The angle created by the horizontal side and the hypotenuse is labeled theta....

Use the adjacent figure to find the exact value of the following trigonometric function. sin θ/2


The solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by y=x^7, x=1, and y=−1 around the axis y=−1. Write a Riemann sum approximating the solid (use Dx for Δx ): volume ≈Σ

I already found the sum to the integrals which is 32pi/5 however, I keep getting the Riemann sum volume wrong. Can somebody help me with this question. *Then convert your sum to an integral and... more
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