How does one solve this?

Suppose a body has a force of 20 pounds acting on it to the right, 5 pounds acting on it −125∘ from the horizontal, and 5 pounds acting on it directed 145∘ from the horizontal. What single force is... more


Find all ordered pairs of real numbers (x, y)that satisfy the system of equations log(xy^3) = 5 and log(x^2/y)=3

This would be really helpful to better understand... I would really love if I could get help with this. Thank you!


a number increased by 4

How do I write this statement algebraically?

About Physics travelling

A hockey puck is traveling at 12.5 m/s on a floor. The coefficient of friction is 0.15 so how far will it travel before coming to a stop?

where do parentheses go to make this equation true: 4-32-5 = 120

adding parentheses to the equation above

Another Physics question about radius

How much would a 100-kg object weigh at one earth’s radius above the earth?

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