how do u solve this y/2+7=-20-5

it is a muli-step has more than 2 steps.


Kepler's third law

Kepler's third law, T = √(Kr3), can be used to calculate the time it takes for a planet to complete one orbit of a star. The average radius of the planet's orbit in km is r, and K is a constant... more


How to find the domain of a function?

How ado you find the domain? f(x)=3√(x+5)+7√(x-1)


How do I find the area under a function given the X and Y limits and equation?

Precalculus f(x) = x + 4, f(x)=0, x = 2, x = 10


calc II promblem! help please

A computer takes 2 seconds to compute a particular definite integral accurate to 4 decimal places. Approximately how long does it take the computer to get 12 decimal places of accuracy using each... more

2.4 mil libs price sold 5.50 per lb amd 4.8 mil libs 4.50 ld. what linear function 1(p) expresses the amount

of almonds sold as a function of the price per pound

I need help graphing Linear Equalities .

I don't know how to do this at all and I have alot of problems due like this tomorrow and I  have a big test coming up too. If I don't learn how to do this, I will fail.

what is 42.0 converted to a mixed number or fraction in simplist form??

what is 42.0 coverted to a mixed number or fraction in simplist form??


[A . (R v S)] > [L v (E > M)]

 Name the valid argument form used in each case.

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