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Write 555.22 in standard form

What is the answer for 555.22 in standard form


A ball is thrown a

A ball is thrown up at a velocity 10 m/s from the top of tower,495 m high . Find the  A velocity  b time taken to reach the ground  
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2 massive black holes collided and released the equivalent energy of 3 solar masses.

  Energy released: E =mc2=[3(1.99 x 1030)kg](3.00 x 108 m/s)2 = 5.373 x 1047 J   compare the energy released to that of a 1 megaton nuclear bomb (how many times more powerful the release was) 
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How does this scenario demonstrate the transformation of mass into energy as given by Einstein’s equation E=mc^2?

when hydrogen is fused into helium , whether in the sun or in the nuclear bomb, the mass difference is turned into energy. 


In 1896 in Waco, Texas, William Crush of the “ Katy” railroa parked two locomotives at opposite ends of a 6.4 km track, fired them up, tied their throttles

open, and then allowed them to crash head-on at full speed in front of 30 000 spectators. Hundreds were hurt by flying debris; several were killed. Assuming the weight of each locomotive was 1.2... more


A bullet was fired with a 10 m/s horizontal velocity and a 29.4 m/s vertical velocity. The total time of the bullet's flight was 6 secs.

What was the maximum height and maximum range of the bullet? I got the answers of Δy=44.1 m And Δx= 60.0 m

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