Asterly S.

asked • 06/16/15

A). r^2+(5/6)r+ B). p^2-7p+

Find the constant term that should be added to the expression to form a perfect square trinomial. Write the resulting perfect square trinomial in factored form

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Andrew M.

Jon has correctly noted how to find the correct constant to cimplete the square.  Let's finish the problems:
A)  Adding 25/144 to the original equation gives
      r2+(5/6)r + 25/144
      = (r+ 5/12)2
Note the term in the perfect square set is (1/2)(5/6)
This will be the same process for each problem of this type
B)  p2-7p+ 49/4
     = (p - 7/2)2
Note this is -7/2, not 7/2 since (1/2)(-7) = -7/2


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