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Why is "Santiago" the equivalent of "James"?

Most Spanish names are quite similar to the equivalent in English, such as:- Juan → John- Pedro → Peter- Maria → MaryBut what's up with this one?- Santiago → JamesWhat's the connection? How do the... more


Article usage before country names?

I have heard several countries expressed in Spanish with a definite article before the country name (e.g. *los Estados Unidos*, *la Argentina*, *la India*). Is there a rule for when this occurs and... more
Nombres Propios Spanish Gramática Adjetivos


Porque se llama "Santa Fe", no "Fe Santa"?

Pense que si el adjetivo va siempre antes del sustantivo, excepto en casos de cantidad ('muchas casas', 'diez perros', etc.) Recientemente me he dado cuenta de que "Santa Fe" no se refiere a un... more
Nombres Propios Spanish Gramática Sintaxis


Me llamo vs. Mi Nombre?

I understand that **Me llamo** is like, `I am [name]` but so is **nombre**. So which one would be used and in what scenario? Are they both acceptable? Is one more formal than the other?

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