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How do you work out this math problem?


how would you put y=4x-5 in a word problem

Thank you

college question

a rectangular lot whose perimeter is 250 ft is fenced along three sides. an expensive fencing along the lot's length costs 30 dollars per foot. An inexpensive fencing along the two side widths... more

Angle 1 and angle 2 are vertical angles. Solve for x if angle 1 is (x-3) and angle 2 is 50 degrees.

i dont understand how to do this because i was gone the day we did this

Please help me answer 2 algebra probability questions?

1. Carter High divides students into advisory classes by a group of teachers. The table shows the number of students in each class. Class Number of Students Alexander 34 Garza 28 Jones 36 Kelley 27... more

write the equation of a line passing through the point (4,9) with a slope of 0

helpppppppppp plzzzzzzz

Julie can type 50 words per minute.How many minutes can she type in 1 hour?

This is like a unit rate question. Please answer me as fast as possible

bill has 6 more quarters than nickles. the coins have a total value of $6. how many of each coin does bill have

i need help with this question and a few others and i dont seem to know how to get the answer  

A container holds 24 liters of sports drinks how many 1.5-liter bottles can be filled from the container

Please help me I need a answer ASAP. 

i need math help

for the first 40 hours that alex works during a week she gets paid 6.65 after that she is pid 1.5 times that rate for each hour she works one week she worked 54 hours how much did she earn that week

Half of a number, x, increase by 7 is greater than -11 and less than-3. What are the possible solutions?

Half of a number, x, increase by 7 is greater than -11 and less than-3.  What are the possible solutions?

college algebra that is a distance and rate and time problem

Problem PageA car passes a landmark on a highway traveling at a constant rate of 40 kilometers per hour. Two hours later, a second car passes the same landmark traveling in the same direction at 65... more

this is hard plx help me

blake and 3 friends meet for lunch his friends all get th same thing but blake gets a differnt lunch that costs $6 write an exppresion to show the total amount that blake and his friends spend then... more

what does varies directly mean simplified

simplify the meaning

Twice a number, n, subtracted from 36 is less than 15 more than one third the number.

 Twice a number, n,  subtracted from 36 less than 15 more than 1/3 the number. find all possible values for the number.  

3(x+12) Use the Distributive Property to rewrite this expression.

I am very confused help!
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