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Inclined Plane Science Physics


How far will it travel along the horizontal surface before it stops?

A 3.2 kg crates slides along a 6.0 m horizontal surface with speed of 5.0m/s. It then moves down along an incline with a lenth 6.0m and a height from the ground of 4.5 mand then along a second,... more
Inclined Plane Physics


Inclined Plane Physics Help

A 1500 kg car starts from rest, and rolls down a frictionless 5.09˚ slope that is 17.5 m long. How much time does it take to reach the bottom? Unit=s   This is an example from my book, just... more
Inclined Plane Physics Acceleration


Find acceleration

A mass is being pulled up an incline plane. The angle of the incline plane is 33 degrees. The mass is 11 kg and the pulling force is 185 N at an angle of 25 degrees to the plane. The coefficient of... more
Inclined Plane


A car down a ramp and stops 6 metres from the ramp. What angle is the ramp at?

Car weighs 1.31542 kg   Car stops 6 metres from ramp   I'm not sure what formula/formulas to use to figure this out.   Thanks so much!  
Inclined Plane Physics Friction


Inclined plane, physics question. Help is very much appreciated.

A 100N Box (initially at rest) is pushed 10.0m, up a rough ramp by a horizontal applied force of 150N. The ramp is inclined at an angle of 30 degreees and the coefficient of kinetic friction... more

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