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Hypothesis Testing Math Help Statistics Question


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The following table gives information on the amount of sugar (in grams) and the calorie count inone serving of a sample of 13 varieties of Kellogg’s cereal. Sugar... more
Hypothesis Testing Statistics Statistic Question


How do you solve this? Please and thank you

Assume that adults have IQ scores that are normally distributed with a mean of 95 and a standard deviation of 23. Find the first quartile Q1, which is the IQ score separating the bottom 25% from... more
Hypothesis Testing Math Statistics


Statistics question- Testing a Hypothesis (Type I and Type II errors)

Remember our bank that’s sending out DVDs to try to get customers to make payments on delinquent loans? It is looking for evidence that the costlier DVD strategy produces a higher success rate than... more
Hypothesis Testing Math Statistics


Have a final on this tomorrow please help

Bob And Sue independently use t-tests to test the hypothesis that the mean heart rate of mice in the lab is not equal to 500 bpm. Add a 95% level of confidence Bob rejects the hypothesis while Sue... more


Hypothesis testing: Should I write the null hypothesis H0 as what have been claimed or write the alternative hypothesis H1 as what being observed in the reality?

I have some problem with my exercise, it wants me to conduct a hypothesis test. I found that what occurs in the reality (from the given data) satisfies the claim of a research, but if it's already... more

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