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Graph the Function C(f)= 251e^-0.1t-129e^-2.7t

The function C(f)= 251e^-0.1t-129e^-2.7t measures the concentration of a drug in a patient's bloodstream after t hours. The drug is effective only if the concentration is above 180 mg/mL. Graph the... more
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Need help on this word problem.

a bicycilat travels at a constant speed of 12 miles per hour for a total of 45 minutes. (Use set notation for the domain and range of the function that models this situation.)
Graph Functions


f(x)=sqrt x+3

graph the leftmost point and three additional points


Basically i need to solve for the quadratic function in the form y=ax^2+bx+c with only three pairs of ccordinates, (-4, 0), (-2, 0) and (-8, 72).

The graph of a quadratic function meets the x-axis at the points (-4, 0) and (-2, 0). Given that the graph of the function also passes through the point (-8, 72), find the quadratic function in the... more


what is the function whose graph is the graph of y=|x|, but is shifted down 5 units.

What is the function whose graph is the graph of  y=|x|, but is shifted down 5 units.

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