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How are Serif and Sans-serif fonts different, and when should one use one over the other?

What is the difference between these fonts, and what are some typical examples of why one might be used over another?

What is the difference between a font and a typeface?

Originally, the typeface is a particular design of type, while a font is a type in a particular size and weight. In short, a typeface usually gathers many fonts.Nowadays, with the digital design of... more
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What are the differences between Helvetica and Arial?

I've heard there are a number of slight differences between these two similar fonts, is one better than the other for different contexts?
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What is so good about Helvetica?

For as long as I have known, a majority of designers have been beyond enamoured with Helvetica. While I can see that it's a nice typeface, I really don't understand the hype.Some research into the... more


Why don't upper case numbers exist?

Capital letters add a lot to text in various ways, for names, brands, emphasis (although capitalisation for emphasis is frowned upon)Why then, are there no upper case numbers?
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What is wrong with Comic Sans?

There's [a great TEDxExeter talk](http://youtu.be/Ia55clAtdMs) by a colleague of mine, Simon Peyton-Jones, about the recent advances in the English lower school 'computer science' curriculum. Like... more

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