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Coterminal Angles Algebra 2 Trig Functions


+/- angles, coterminal angles and values of trig functions

What are some tips or tricks you would give to someone who is just starting to learn about positive and negative angles, coterminal and reference angles, and the values of trig functions?
Coterminal Angles Algebra 2


Coterminal angles and their trig function values

What is important to remember about coterminal angles and their trigonometric function values?
Coterminal Angles Math


Find two positive angles and two negative angles that are coterminal with the given angle.

I need two positive and two negative cotermanal angles for the following to angles. Answers should be in radians.   5pi/4   7pi/6
Coterminal Angles


Find the negative angle closest to 0° that is coterminal with 981°.

Find the negative angle closest to 0° that is coterminal with 981°.
Coterminal Angles


if theta is between pi and 2pi, what is the value of theta?

 I guessed that theta was equal to 3pi/2 because it was between pi and 2pi... obviously I was wrong. 
Coterminal Angles Algebra 2 Algebra Help Angles


Find the angle

find the angle that is less than 360 degrees and coterminal with 45 degrees. 
Coterminal Angles


A positive angle less that 2pi that is coterminal with - pi/100

Just need the answer thats all 
Coterminal Angles Trigonometry Functions Angles


find all 6 trigonometric functions of the angle whose terminal side goes through P(-4,6)

sinP= cosP= tanP=   cscP= secP= cotP=
Coterminal Angles Algebra 2


How do you find one positive and one negative angle coterminal with 9(pi)/4?

I've added and subtracted 2(pi) but I'm confused on why when I do the negative angle I need to minus 4(pi) instead of 2(pi).  Plus in the back of my textbook, the answers say suggested answers are... more

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