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Please help. thank you

A 14.93 g sample of NaBr contains 22.34% Na by mass. Considering the law of constant composition (definite proportions) how many grams of sodium does a 7.35 g sample of sodium bromide contain? 


what is the density and the specific gravity of 50 grams in 49 mL

I have 5 questions.   what is the density and the specific gravity of the following....   1. 50 grams in 49 mL 2. 85 grams in 68 mL 3. 20 grams in 30 mL 4. 15 grams in 60 mL 5. 6 grams in 3... more

Can you check my answer on a problem where I needed to predict the products of a single replacement reaction??

Predict the product of the single replacement reaction and balance the final equation. Use the activity series to determine if the reaction will occur first. Include state symbols for all... more
Chemisty Chemistry


What is the mass of 24.5cm3 of mercury metal?

I dont get this problem need helping solving it step by step


What is the volume of an object that has a density of 2.73 g/mL and a mass of 4.002 g

Please include significant figures! and the unit! 



complete the following ionization reactions

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