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How Do Energy Inequalities Occur and What is the Importance of Storms to Earth's Atmosphere?

How do energy inequalities occur, and what are the results relative to the circulation of the atmosphere? What are storms overall, and why are they an important part of Earth’s atmosphere system?
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How is the atmospheric composition of objects in the Solar System measured?

How is the atmospheric composition of astronomical objects, for example Triton, a moon of Neptune, determined?
Atmospheric Science


Hydrostatic Equation

For a column of cold air with a mean temperature of 0°C and a density (ρ) of 1.4 kg m-1, use thehydrostatic equation (Δp/Δz = -ρg) to determine the rate of change of pressure with height(Δp/Δz)... more
Atmospheric Science


Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide absorb heat energy, leading to the Earth's temperature increasing

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