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Why does the carbonyl group in an acid anhydride have two stretching frequencies?

The carbonyl stretching frequencies for an acid anhydride are approximately $1820~\\mathrm{cm^{-1}}$ and $1760~\\mathrm{cm^{-1}}$. These are both higher frequencies than a simple ketone owing to... more
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Precision of spectroscopy for astronomy?

How precise can the measurements be when looking at spectral lines in astrophysics?For example, suppose I have a telescope in orbit, and I am looking at $H_\\alpha$ lines coming from a star at 613... more

How is the atmospheric composition of objects in the Solar System measured?

How is the atmospheric composition of astronomical objects, for example Triton, a moon of Neptune, determined?
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Galaxy Spectra: Emission and Absorption Lines?

Spectra from galaxies include both absorption and emission lines. I do understand how both types of spectral lines are produced but I am not quite sure where each type is coming from when we... more
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What is the probability that a star of a given spectral type will have planets?

There is a lot of new data from the various extrasolar planet projects including NASA's Kepler mission on extra-solar planets. Based on our current data what is the probability that a star of each... more


Difference between intermediates and transition states?

Can someone please explain what exactly the difference between an intermediate and a transition state is? I understand that they are formed as part of the process in converting the reactants to... more

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