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Respond to all parts of the question . In your response , use substantive examples where appropriate In 1995 the United States House of Representatives approved a bill that would make English the official language of the United States. The vote was 259 to 169, with 223 Republicans and 36 Democrats voting in favor and 8 Republicans , 160 Democrats, and 1 independent voting against . The debate was intenseand partisan Arizona is one of several states that have passed " Official English" or " English Only" laws. Source: Robert King, " Should English be the Law ?" The Atlantic, April 1997 After reading the scenario, please respond to A, B, and below. A. Describe how another political institution can influence the advancement of the federal legislation in the scenario. B. Explain how the institution described in part A is affected by another governmental entity in the context of the scenario. C. As of 2018, states have continued to pass English-only laws, but the national government has not yet passed a federal law declaring English as the official language. Currently, a total of 31 states have English-only policies. Explain how this information and the scenario illustrate Madison's argument in The Federalist 10.

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