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A quiz has 5 questions with 4 answer choices each find the number of possible outcomes

Possible outcomes 

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1 Answer

Think of it like this:

  • you have 4 objects (the 4 answer options, a, b, c, and d)
  • You are going to chose a group of 5, and the order matters (your answer to question #1 is independent of your choice on #3)
  • Repetition is allowed (you can answer "c" on all of the questions if you want to)

This is a simple permutation. Use the formula:


where n is the number of objects (the number of answer choices)

and r is the number of objects you will choose (5, one answer for each question)

To solve:


1,024 <--- your answer!


Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any follow up questions, and please "vote up" :)