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Determine the dimensions of the package.

A package with square ends has a combined length and girth (girth is the perimeter of a cross section) of 120 in. The surface area of the entire package is 3600 sq. in.
S in*S in*L in. One Solution is:
11.08 in*11.08 in*75.68 in. Hint: If 4S + Length =120 Then Length =120 - 4S Determine the dimensions of the package.

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The two equations that need to be considered are:
4w + L = 120
2w2 + 4wL = 3600
solving for L, I obtain that w= 11.08 inches
and L= 75.68 inches
The proof is to obtain the surface area and is obtained.
Also there is another set of answers but is not logic.