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Ali E.

asked • 10/09/17

Use substitution x=sin theta to evaluate integrate x^2/(1-x^2)^5/2

Full working out please

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Andy C. answered • 10/09/17

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Math/Physics Tutor

Michael J. answered • 10/09/17

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Mastery of Limits, Derivatives, and Integration Techniques

Andy C.

OK Ali, two tutors , Michael J and myself agree on the answer.
His answer is the same.
Recall that arcsin X = theta, the angle. 
Or as I call it, arcsin X = T
His answer becomes 1/3 (tan T) ^3.
Using the same trigonometric argument I have in my solution,
the tangent of the angle is x/sqrt(1-x^2).
This results in the same answer, as shown.


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