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help me solve for X 3X - 7 = 3( x= 1) my answer is No Solution am I right or wrong and why

Solving 3X- 7 = 3 (x = 1) / my answer is no solution am I right or wrong and why

solve the following for X -5(X-1) = 4(2X - 3) = -2(X = 2) -8

what is the y intercept of 2x + 7y = 14

I had 33 problems to do tonight and I am having problems with five of them these are the last three that i can't seem to get can you help me, by showing me how you come up with your solution and not just the answer

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1 Answer

For your first question: 3X- 7 = 3 (x = 1) I'm not sure if it's a typo and the equal sign should be a minus sign.

For the second question, is that three separate questions? 

For your third question: solve for y first (isolate it out)

  • so subtract 2x from both sides giving you: 7y = -2x+14
  • Then divide by 7, giving you: y= -2/7x + 2
  • So your y-intercept is 2