Jane S.

asked • 03/15/17

If I have one assignment left worth10% and my final score for the whole course so far is 82 what do I have to get on this assignment to

If I have 2 assignments left worth 10% each and my final score for the whole course so far is 82 what do i have to get on each assignment  to  raise my final grade to a 84.If you can tell me this plus what is the formula to figure this out. Thanks 

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Kenneth S. answered • 03/15/17

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Jane S.

So what is he answer,I do no till know. do i have to get a 82 or what on each assigment to get a 84 average,


Kenneth S.

If you read my answer, you will see that I wrote an INEQUALITY, which I hoped you would be able to solve.
My policy is to leave something for the student to do:
1.  solve the inequality using basic algebra skills
2. study the inequality to interpret its meaning.
If you are not able to do this, then I simply suggest that you do your best, and things should work out. In the normal scheme of things, there's not much difference between a final 82 and a final 84--they both are "B"


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