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What does e equal?

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2 Answers

Always remember the simple rule of P.E.M.D.A.S. Known as the order of operations.

If you use this method start from the left to the right...

Parenthesis | Exponents | Multiplication | Division | Addition | Subtraction

An easy way to remember it is "(P)lease (e)xcuse (m)y (d)ear (a)unt (s)ally."

Hope this helps!


I will try and give you a step by step solution.

8e + 3(5-e) = 10

first distribute the 3(5-e) this gives you

8e + 15 - 3e = 10

Then simplyify to

5e + 15 = 10

Now isolate the e on the left side by subtracting 15 from both sides

5e = -5

Now divide by 5

e = -1