VIcky W.

asked • 11/22/13

how and where do I start to solve x-3y=5

I need help with algebra equations, for some reason I am having a problem retaining the solutions.
One of the equations is x-3y=5  and I am problems with roots the main equation is the root of 112.
on x-3y=5 I gave x the value of 0 so I have 3*0= 0 so now I have to change over and give -3 or take -3 and 0 and divide each side by -3, but I am not sure what to do from there.
Can someone help me?

Pam W.

Hello Vicky,
I am confused by you statement that you are having "problems with roots the main equation is the root of 112"  Could you specify if this is a square root of the x- and y- intercepts of the equation? and what does 112 have to do with it?  Can you just type in the problem with the instructions?
Pam W.


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Pam W. answered • 11/22/13

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