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what role does the united states government have in world politics and economics?

 Im not sure the answer, the teacher hasn't gone over any of this and he assigned an essay on it.

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The US Government supplies other countries with goods and services from our country (we export goods, they import them).  We import oil as well as produce, coffee, Swiss chocolate, etc.  In addition, we have embassies in many countries.  These embassies provide safe haven for our citizens while in another country and help extradite people if they break the law.   They also provide us information on enemies such as Al Qaeda and other extremist groups.  Economic influence is great - we give loans and grants to other countries to help conquer hunger, provide personnel and weapons in case of conflict, provide shelter, water, medicine and other necessities to 3rd world countries.  Corporations do business in other countries providing the countries with revenue and jobs.  We withhold monies or goods/services (called sanctions) when our government has a disagreement with the country receiving the aid because of something they have done very wrong - such as human rights violations.  The US is sometimes called the "policeman" of the nations because we go other places to fight to help weak governments (and their leaders) in power.