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“X” works 6 hours for 9 days and 5 hours on 10th day. Find X’s earnings at the rate of Rs.60 per hour

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2 Answers

First, multiply and add to figure out how many hours X has worked. 6 times 9 equals 54, plus 5, gives us 59. Then multiply by your rate: .6 
x 59 = 35.4
X is getting paid rs 60 for every hour of work. so what we really need to find out is the total number of hours X works, and multiply that number by rs60 to get her total earnings.
X works 6 hours a day for 9 days, multiply to get a total of 9*6=54 hours, and X works 5 hours on the last day, add these 5 hours to the 54 hours accumulated on the first 9 days of work: 54+5=59 hrs
now multiply these hours worked by the salary for each hour: 59*60 = 3540 rupees