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Very helpful and efficient
Got through a large amount of material in a short amount of time. He was very helpful and friendly, easy to ask questions and get them answered.

- Tim reviews Alexis H. from Ashburn, VA

Extremely Patient Tutor
Sandra is a very patient tutor who worked very hard to understand my language needs. She understood clearly where I needed more work and developed an organized plan to improve my level. I would recommend her to anyone looking to find a tutor to improve their Spanish speaking level.

- Asad reviews Sandra G. from Ashburn, VA

Very nice and knowledgeable tutor
Miss Indira is focused about her teaching math to kids. she has nice techniques to make kids work on the math sheets.

- Kavitha reviews Indira S. from Ashburn, VA

Excellent tutor
My daughter was struggling in the second semester of Algebra I when she started seeing Krishna. Her school teacher's lessons were ineffective and confusing to her. Krishna was able to explain everything in a way my daughter could understand and she finally started to consistently do well on tests. Even better, she no longer hates and fears math like she used to. I am very happy I hired Krishna and will definitely hire her again.

- Erin reviews Krishna S. from Ashburn, VA

Very helpful!
Subbiah has been an amazing tutor for my son! He has helped him achieve his math goals in a very effective manner.

- Connie reviews Subbiah R. from Ashburn, VA

Very Patient!
Karen is great with our son! She is patient, listens, and has been extremely beneficial in helping our son understand where his mistakes have been. We would recommend Karen to anyone struggling with Math.

- Theresa reviews Karen W. from Ashburn, VA

Great Tutor
Vanessa has been an excellent tutor for my twins who took 7th Grade Spanish for one quarter. She is an expert in Spanish as well as patient, encouraging, and flexible to help them do well on their tests and homework. They got A's! Highly recommend.

- J reviews Vanessa K. from Ashburn, VA

Awesome tutor!
Great tutor, she is very fun. She makes the lessons fun and engaging. My daughter has improved a lot in her reading since starting her lessons with Mrs. Mary.

- Mirna reviews Mary C. from Ashburn, VA

Most Highly Recommended
In the first session Avinash very quickly diagnosed the reason why my 11th grader was performing poorly (C's and D's) in his advanced molecular genetics course - he had a knowledge gap in biology and chemistry that were building blocks for this advanced molecular genetics course. Within two 2-hour sessions, Avinash very methodically filled in this gap by ensuring my son not only knew the necessary concepts but also how they fit together in a broader framework. After the first session, my son said Avinash was the best tutor that he had ever had. My son's next four grades after the tutoring began were 85, 95, 100, and 95. With just 1/4 of the quarter left, Avinash helped my son improve by a full letter grade. We will continue to use Avinash throughout the year and I fully expect my son to get A's from here on out.

- Beverly reviews Avinash P. from Ashburn, VA

Professional, Organized, and Knowledgeable Tutor
I started working with Alireza after having a bad experience with a previous Farsi tutor. Alireza presents the lesson in a clear, logical manner and is always well organized. I would recommend his services to others in the NoVA area.

- Brad reviews Alireza M. from Ashburn, VA
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See what students have to say

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