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Kind and professional
Yuko was a great tutor. She was prepared with her own books to supplement the ones I had, and her corrections to my spoken Japanese were clear and necessary. Thank you, Yuko-san!

- Johnathan reviews Yuko K. from Seattle, WA

Great tutor
Gareth (and WyzAnt) exceeded my expectations. He efficiently and accurately assessed my skill levels and tailored his lessons accordingly - providing a stimulating and enjoyable experience. I have a "patchwork" knowledge of computers and don't really know what I even need to know. Gareth provided that information, which has helped me build a foundation of knowledge that I'll need to do more things on my own. I feel we exceeded my learning goals and I would recommend Gareth's tutoring services without reservation.

- Louise reviews Gareth C. from Seattle, WA

Loren Makes Learning Piano Fun Again!
My daughter had a horrible experience with another piano teacher before we moved here to Seattle. After a lot of time off, she was very nervous about starting lessons again. What if he gets mad at her if she doesn't practice enough? For the first few lessons, she seemed genuinely tense on piano lesson days. However, Loren has been nothing short of amazing with her. He found some popular songs she liked. He showed her how not only how to play but how to play with "style" and feeling. He even showed her how to improvise! Now, my daughter loves to practice and to show off all the progress she is making - which in turn allows her to progress even farther. We went a year where she was afraid to play for fear of criticism. Now after a few months, she can't walk past it without playing a song or 2! We are very grateful to Loren and can't recommend him highly enough!

- Karen reviews Loren T. from Seattle, WA

John is very knowledgable
John is very knowledgable and knew exactly how to help our son with his college essays. It gave me great peace of mind hiring John. We plan to continue with his help!

- Susan reviews John M. from Seattle, WA

Got me where I needed to go ...
I knew the LR basic tools from a LR intro class but knowing what the tools are and then how to use them are two different things. Add highlights or white? Lighten the shadow or take back the black? There's a difference and I needed to know when to use what and how to easily compare my images in each step of the processing. Lindsey got me where I needed to go.

- Robert reviews Lindsey M. from Seattle, WA

First-rate tutor
Vicky is an excellent tutor. She's very patient and has a great sense of humor. I can't recommend her enough.

- Rory reviews Vicky G. from Seattle, WA

Great tutor.
Sophie has the perfect combination of tough/nice. She knows how to push yet she is also very compassionate and friendly. I have tried to learn to speak French but I have been so intimidated I couldn't progress. Everything changed when I found Sophie. I am happy to say I am finally speaking French and am excited about becoming more fluent. I couldn't be happier!

- Jean reviews Sophie D. from Seattle, WA

Dynamic and knowledgeable teacher.
I really enjoyed my lesson with Eric. He has a strong knowledge in photography, his explanations are clear with concrete examples. I'm looking forward my next lessons.

- Karen reviews Eric K. from Seattle, WA

Very helpful and knowledgeable
Edward has been teaching and prepping my sister for IELTS exam and it has been great. He has been great and my sister enjoys her classes.

- Dilly reviews Edward B. from Seattle, WA

Katherine knows how to improve a student's skills
It's good to see that David is getting more confidence. Even though he needs to improve a lot in his school work, Katherine knows how he can get there. I hope he can graduate from ESL class this semester.

- Seunghan reviews Katherine B. from Seattle, WA
See what students have to say

See what students have to say

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