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So far my experience with WyzAnt has been excellent! In the first week that I created a profile a student emailed me directly and we set up a total of 3 lessons. The WyzAnt customer service staff was extremely courteous and helpful when I asked a question about creating my profile. Posting a video has enabled me to show potential students who I am. I am also able to see how much my competitors are charging for similar subjects. Overall I am VERY satisfied with my experience with WyzAnt and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the months, and even years to come!

- Shir M. from New York, NY

Wyzant is the private tutor's dream come true!
Wyzant delivers students directly to the tutors doorstep, allows the tutor to set his or her own rate and charges only a reasonable percentage for handling all administrative matters. After only six months working for Wyzant, my net percentage increased from 60% of my hourly rate to 75%. The support department is quick, knowledgeable and helpful and the service seems to be gaining in popularity in South Florida. I would highly recommend Wyzant to any person who is serious about offering private tutoring services.

- Scott L. from New York, NY

A great way to find new students
I have been connected with Wyzant for 15 months and am very satisfied. I appreciate Wyzant's strict rule that students must submit payment information before having a lesson. The rule protects tutors as well as the company. I know in advance that the students are trustworthy and I have had no problems with reimbursement. Although Wyzant's percentage was steep before I accumulated 200 and 300 hours (soon to be 400 hours), I have considered Wyzant's share to be fair. Wyzant does all the billing and business work, leaving me free to plan my lessons and tutor. I like the Wyzant logo and the cheerful orange designs. There is an upbeat feeling connected with signing on. I love having my own profile page and the opportunity to write my views on my subjects as well as write a blog. It is very good to require tutors to be certified in their subjects. I have one suggestion: some of us have decades of experience in our fields, yet we compete in the same ballfield with tutors straight out of college--some still in college. This means it is hard to charge the fees we might feel we deserve, because we would price ourselves out of the game. Can you think of any way to group tutors charging $75 to $150 an hour? Wyzant would profit and tutors like me would be happy. I will be raising my fee soon, but I fear the responses and queries from students will quickly drop.

- Roberta H. from New York, NY

I have been working with WyzAnt for over a year now and it's been a very good experience! My profile is always available online so it's easy for the students to find me. I have had many students this past year and I have been very pleased with WyzAnt. The team is always available to answer my questions but at the same time I manage my account as I want. I really recommend WyzAnt for all new or experienced tutors!

- Lisa M. from New York, NY

Great way to make extra money
Using this site has definitely made my job of finding more students easy and it has allowed me to not work when I’m already busy with school and my other job. However, whenever I have a bit of free time and could use a little extra money, I use WyzAnt. It is a great tool that allows me to make extra money and meet new students.

- Eric F. from New York, NY

Great way to find students to tutor!
I started WyzAnt last month and I can't stop raving about it to people. I was thrilled that in less than a week, I already had people messaging me in need of a tutor. I've already tutored several times and it's been great. Parents and students seem to love and trust the site. I like how I can put in my lessons online, so that I can track who I've tutored, for what, and for how long. I also like how the people must have billing information on file, in order to exchange contact information or meeting information with me. That is great protection for us tutors. The email messaging service is also very easy. I haven't even tried to look for jobs, since I've been getting emails. Suggestions I have is to learn simple information about the student such as gender, current school attending, etc. Meeting people at their house can be a little scary sometimes, when you don't the other person and unsure if you can trust them. Otherwise, keep up the great work!

- Melissa T. from New York, NY

Fabulous Service
All your representatives are so nice and friendly. They are smart and very knowledgeable. I wish all agencies and companies are like yours. I am so happy I found your agency. Thanks so much for everything.

- Anita H. from New York, NY

Excellent way to match tutors and students. Each of them gives feedback about their meetings and WyzAnt makes sure that the student gets fair value for their money and the tutor gets paid.

- Jandy W. from New York, NY

I have been tutoring with WyzAnt for the past seven months and I can say that, all things considered, the experience has been good. Through them I have been able to secure a few tutoring jobs, and through their simple certification process I can teach new subjects for which I feel qualified. Their website is simple to use and I appreciate their method of payment.

- Giovanna N. from New York, NY

WyzAnt does the work.
WyzAnt delivers what posting flyers and going through Craigslist couldn't: students. And since WyzAnt requires students to pay in advance, there's little likelihood of no shows. Add to that, WyzAnt handles the finances and direct deposits the tutoring fees to my bank account. I'm quite pleased my tutoring career is beginning to build.

- David W. from Brooklyn, NY
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