Co-Ordinate Geometry

The equation of the line l is 5+y-2x=0. (a) Find the co-ordinates of the points where l cuts the axes.   (b) Find the slope of the line l   The line j goes through the point (11,6) and is... more

simple interest and compound interest

 a certain sum of money at simple interest ,amounts to $768 in 4 years and to $832 in 6 years what is rate percent.




what does varies indirectly mean in math?

I just need to know and these websites wont tell


A(2, 4), B(1, 3) for distance formula

What is the distance formula for A(2, 4), B(1, 3)?

Use the product rule to simplify the expression

Use the product rule to simplify the expression. (-4x^4p^6)(6y^5x^2)


what is the volume of a cone that has a radius of 6inches and a height of 8inches

what is the volume of a cone that has a radius of 6in and a height of 8 in use 3.14


a=1/2h(b+B) solve for b

not sure how to do


What is 3 x 1cm as a decimal

I am working on a coding problem and I need help


-5x >15 how do i solve this

I have to to solve and graph do i do that?



so confused!!!


a=1/2bh solve for h

 what is the answer to  the equation 


how to subtract 3/16-1/2 ?

I need ti solve thi sproblem andi dont know if i did it right 3/4*1/4-1/2


What is negative 5 4ths minus positive 2 3rds??

im doing homework and im super confused?!


Width of path surrounding pool

A pool measuring 14 meters by 26 meters is surrounded by a path of uniform width. If the area of the pool and path combined 988 square meters what is the width of the path. Equations for lenght of... more


3 - x = 12

what is the value of x?

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