Applied Optimization

sean is in the water 1 miles off the coast and wants to get to a town 5 miles down the coast. He needs to sim to the shore and then walk to town. If sean can swim 4 miles per hour and walk 6 miles... more


Absolute Convergence

Show whether the series ((-1)^n)*((2^n)/(n^4))) is absolutely convergent.Taking an=((-1)^n)*((2^n)/(n^4))) , here |an|=((2^n)/(n^4)).I have the gut feeling that this is absolutely convergent. But... more


Show that for each integer k ≥ 1, if P(k) is true, then P(k + 1) is true. Equations in Description below, fill in the right side.

To show P(k) is true, f the left hand side of the equation is (1+(1/1))(1+(1/2))(1+(1/3))...(1+(1/k)), what is the right hand side equal to?To show P(k+1) is true, if the left hand side of the... more


word problems with linear equations

A garden table and a bench cost $843 combined. The garden table costs $57 less than the bench. What is the cost of the bench?

For a certain company, the cost function for producing x items is C(x)=50x+200 and the revenue function for selling x items is R(x)=−0.5(x−90)2+4,050. The maximum capacity of the company is 130 items.

For a certain company, the cost function for producing x items is C(x)=50x+200 and the revenue function for selling x items is R(x)=−0.5(x−90)2+4,050. The maximum capacity of the company is 130 items. more


Calculus lll True or false

The plane 3x + 2y − z = 0 is perpendicular to the line x = 3t, y = 2t, z = −tTrue or false

Equation of Motion for a weighted vertical spring

A spring-mass system (below) is initially at rest. If mass m is excitedby a sinusoidal force p(t) = P sin ωt, what is the response x(t), t ≥ 0? Assume that m = 1 kg, k = 100 N/m, P = 5 N, and ω = 2... more

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