Probability Distributions

A B C Total Male 7 8 15 30 Female 5 20 14 39 Total 12 28 29 69 Giving a test to a group of students, the grades and gender are summarized above. What percent of the students... more



Finbar bought his home for $150,000 in 2010. Property values have increased 10% every year since she has owned the home. Which of the following equations can be used to represent the price of the... more


What is the correct way to solve this word problem, subtraction or multiplication. I'm confused

John ran 6 3/4 miles on Friday afternoon. His daughter Megan ran 3/4 of the distance with her father. How far did Megan run?


How much energy is lost due to friction?

Heights:Point A=65m, Point B=52 m, Point C=25mThe total mass of the roller coaster is 650 kg.In real life, some of the energy the roller coaster has at point A will be lost as thermal energy due... more


Roots and Quadratic Equation

The roots of a quadratic equation are in the ratio of 2 to 3. The sum of the roots is 15. Find the equation?


F(x) questions about algebra 2

If F(x) = x-5x-14, find all the values of K so that F(k-3)=0

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