A Golden Rule for When Chinese Repeat a Word Twice X Twice? 热热闹闹?

I have come across several times reading Chinese that they repeat words twice and then again. For an Instance what is the difference between 热闹 and 热热闹闹 ? what is the grammar meaning when words... more


Are there relative pronouns in Chinese?

Are there words for relative pronouns, for example: The man, **who** was walking to the shop, was tall. Is there a Chinese word for the bolded "who"?


How to list adjectives in Chinese?

I am preparing for HSK 6, and its Reading Part 1, which asks you to identify a 语病 in a sentence, is notoriously hard. Here is one of the sentences from HSK 6 Reading Part... more


Difference between 什么,什么呢,什么吗 and 什么了?

What is the difference between 什么,什么呢,什么吗 and 什么了? For instance: 你要什么? 你要什么呢? 你在做什么吗? 你做什么了?


Why should I use 由 here and not 被?

I could choose 由 or 被. Why should I choose 由? Are there any good reasons for this choice? 6. 这件事 _______ 公司负责。My girlfriend immediately said 由, but she couldn't say why. Considering the answers... more


What is the grammatical analysis of 信得过?

信 = to believe. 得过 = ??? Is this construction a sentence, a phrase, a verbalphrase or maybe sth. different?


Use of 不太 and when is it necessary?

I suspect that 太 has a similar function in negatives as 很 does in negative sentences. Some Chinese speakers have corrected some of my negative sentences in include a 太. e.g.: 他不高兴 was corrected... more


Can 有 be used to form present perfect tense?

One meaning of 有 is "have" i.e. possess. Can 有 also be used to form the present perfect tense as in "I have looked", possibly "我有看"? If so, then a follow-up question: what is more natural, using 有... more


When to use 了 and 的?

`了` is used after verb or sentence to indicate that something has been finished/done or something has changed. `的` is used in many cases, one of which is to indicate the speaker's modality of... more


How to say "red book"?

I'd like to know how to say "red book" in Mandarin. Can it be 红色 的 书 or 红书? I read a book to learn about color, it used 红色 的 before a noun but I heard in a song it used only 红 before noun. I... more

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