How does a Deaf student get tutoring in Math?

I'm a sign language tutor and a deaf student is requesting tutoring in Math under "Sign Language" It is because he needs an interpreter in math. Is there a way to provide interpreting services... more

Do I need to learn the culture to understand sign language?

Without learning a culture along with a language, we become parrots. Can a parrot truly engage in a meaningful conversation? Of course not. They echo phrases and words, but can't analyze our word... more

How fluent are you in ASL?

Just general question about you


Iconicity: Transparent/Translucent/Arbitrary Signs

Hi all! I am taking ASL 1 at my university, and we are asked to do a project about sign iconicity in ASL. We have to identify 5 each of transparent, translucent, and arbitrary signs and ask friends... more


When signing the place you live...?

Is it common to make up a sign for where you live and explain via finger spelling or is there signs for ville and city and you learn the sign for the beginning wordEx paintsville sign for paint +... more


Trying to Learn ASL but Having Trouble

Hello, all! Okay, so I’ve started to try to learn ASL online because I just feel like it’s not right for me to not know it, in a way—I’m born hearing, but I just feel like it’s a responsibility to... more


Very mild Cerebral Palsy slightly limits left non-dominant hand, but want to learn ASL basics.

I really want to take an ASL class in the hopes of going through a certificate eventually to pair with my SLP career goal. I can walk and have complete use of my hands aside from independently... more


Signing "Crazy"

I'm wondering what the opinion is on the sign for "crazy" and how to use it. I think we or most of us used the sign (circling a finger by one's ear) as a kid to their siblings and or friends. At... more


ASL translation help?

Hey, I'm trying to learn a story for my ASL class, and I seem to struggle learning the story without captions to help me connect the words...Any help? Thanks!... more


Help with ASL sentences for online class.

I need help with ASL words and how I can best learn them. "1.) I know that woman. 2.) Do you know me? 3.) They practice sign. 4.) That boy knows my name. 5.) That girl is hearing. 6.)... more


How do you actually study ASL?

Yo, college student here. I'm currently taking ASL2 and I've been wondering since ASL1 how do you actually study ASL? It's not like verbal languages where you can study the written language, or... more


How to sign simile - ASL translation of children's book

My daughter is almost three months old and was diagnosed with hearing loss. We have been put in contact with early intervention services, but have yet to meet with them. In the meantime, I've been... more


Question about English Grammar

Hi! So recently I started watching this YouTube channel called Sign Duo. They’re a Deaf and hearing couple who post about their relationship. The woman, who is hearing, definitely uses English... more


Should I learn vocab in a different order if I'm learning for a 5 y/o?

I have a friend whose 5 y/o daughter is losing her hearing, either partially or possibly fully, so I've started learning ASL so I can still talk to her. But given the fact that's she's only 5, I... more


Dominant vs. Non-Dominant Hand

Hi y’all, as the title says - I’m having a bit of a tough time dealing with hand dominance in ASL. I know it only matters with some signs, but as I’m just now starting in-person classes I’d rather... more


Giving Yourself A Sign Name?

My family has a trend of losing their hearing as they age. I figure if I learn sign on my own, they'll all pick it up despite their disinterest. I generally consider myself hard of hearing but it's... more

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