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Translating “La vita è come una bicicletta con dieci rapporti... Tutti noi abbiamo rotelline che non usiamo mai”?

I don't understand the meaning of *rapporti* and *rotelline* here... clearly the second one is not tires.Can someone explain to me the specific meaning or translation of these two words?

How come there are two gender forms, "tavola" and "tavolo"? Which one is proper?

I noticed that in Italian usually there is only one gender for one word, but there are some exceptions I thought were because of "bad native speakers". One of this exception is "tavolo" / "tavola".... more


What is the difference between == and equals() in Java?

I wanted to clarify if I understand this correctly: - `==` -> is a reference comparison, i.e. both objects point to the same memory location - `.equals()` -> evaluates to the comparison of... more


SQL multiple column ordering?

I am trying to sort by multiple columns in SQL, and in different directions. `column1` would be sorted descending, and `column2` ascending. How can I do this?

How to find out what group a given user has?

In Unix/Linux, how do you find out what group a given user is in via command line?


Ignoring new fields on JSON objects using Jackson?

I'm using Jackson JSON library to convert some JSON objects to POJO classes on an android application. The problem is, the JSON objects might change and have new fields added while the application... more


127 Return code from $?

What is the meaning of return value 127 from $? in UNIX.


I want to use CASE statement to update some records in sql server?


Meaning of a sentence with chiastic structure?

Can you please translate the sentence below:> non rimpiango le persone che ho perso col tempo, ma rimpiango il tempo che ho perso con certe persone


How to join multiple lines of file names into one with custom delimiter?

I would like to join the result of `ls -1` into one line and delimit it with whatever i want. Are there any standard Linux commands I can use to achieve this?


Using ls to list directories and their total sizes?

Is it possible to use `ls` in Unix to list the total size of a sub-directory and all its contents as opposed to the usual 4K that (I assume) is just the directory file itself? I.E. total 12K ... more

How can I translate the expression "Got it!" in Italian?

How can I say "Got it!" in Italian? Google Translate gives "Fatto!" and "Ce l'ho!", but I think these are not correct answers.


Hashset vs Treeset?

I've always loved trees, that nice `O(n*log(n))` and the tidiness of them. However, every software engineer I've ever known has asked me pointedly why I would use a `TreeSet`. From a CS background,... more


Listing only directories in UNIX?

I want to list only the directories in specified path (`ls` doesn't have such option). Also, can this be done with a single line command?

Is JavaScript front end or backend?


Java: convert List<String> to a String?

JavaScript has `Array.join()` js>["Bill","Bob","Steve"].join(" and ") Bill and Bob and Steve Does Java have anything like this?

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