Algebra II Polynomials

The remainder is -3a. Find the value of a if x is -2P(x)= ax3 + 4x2 - 4x + 9.

What is the cost per foot of redwood and of pine.

A carpenter purchased 50 ft of redwood and 70 ft of pine for a total cost of $253. A second purchase, at the same prices, included 100 ft of redwood and 60 ft of pine for a total cost of $394. Find... more

Hi, I need help. I don't really get what am I supposed to do

Given the zeros in each problem, use factors to find the original polynomial -1,1+3i' -1/4,1+√6 1+√3,-3+√5 THEY ARE WRITTEN CORRECTLY. PLEASE HELP ME WITH ALL THE PROBLEMS THANK YOU :)


Suppose f(x)=4x-2 and g(x)=2x+1, find the value of f(-3)/g(-5)

The answers I've gotten this down to are -2, -3 1/7, 2, and -1 3/11, please tell me which is correct out of all these if any are, and please show the work.


PERCENT: On a 25 question test, Laney missed 6 questions. What is her exact grade (percentage) for that test?

I need the answers she got wrongand the answers she answered correctly ( grade )


evaluate the following functions for the given values of x

f(3), f(4), and f(-2)f(x)={ x+5 x<-2 -2x-1 x≥-2

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