I need help with ratios and I can't figure out the answer HELP!!!

The question is, Taylor bought a watch on sale for 60% off the original price. If the watch cost $82, what was the discount?

Can you please answer this for me

the sum of two numbers is 12 and their difference is 8


Advise Emma of the capital gain tax (CGT) consequences of her transitions. Ignore indexation

Emma has provided to you a listing of the transactions she has undertaken throughout the financial year to assist you in completing her 2015 income tax return. Sale of a block of land for... more

I need some help figuring this out...

Troy Acheman is a sports caster for Everyone’s Sports Presentations Nightly. While Troy was covering a professional football game from the sideline, the Birds famous wide receiver, Harry Race, ran... more


EITC Eligibility

Is a taxpayer eligible for the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) if the filing status is Married Filing Separate?



Filing Status Deduction* Basic Standard Deduction** Additional Standard     Social Security Base AmountsMarried Joint                          $12,400                      $1,200                  ... more


15 year recovery property costing $4,000,000 was placed in service in oct 2012.

there was no disposition of the property.taxpayer had taxable income of $1,175,000 before cost recovery deduction.whats the maximum cost recovery deduction for year 3?

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