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The difference between two numbers is 8. Nine times the larger number is 15 times the smaller number.

Let x represent the larger number and y represent the smaller number. Type the equation for? "The difference between two numbers is 8?."  


If f(x)=3x^2+1 and g(x)=2x+2 find a) g^-1(x), the inverse of g(x) b) (fog^-1)(2)

Help me please I need to pass math and this is due tomorrow


How do you graph y=[x]

How do you graph this problem?


I need help soving this problem:-6a^4+4a^3-2a^2

i need help with this problem :-6a^4+4a^3-2a^2


Encrypt the message ATTACK using the RSA system with n = 43 * 59 and e = 13, translating each letter into integers and grouping together pairs of integers

I need the full detail of how you got the answer so I know how to do the problem for the future

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