help with research thesis??

My research question is about Supersize me stating "How effective is the movie supersize me in discussing cafeteria food and it's relationship to overweight school children?" My 3 points are junk... more

Based below and the degree to which presidents do or do not have control over them, do you think it’s fair to evaluate presidents based on their First 100 Days in office? Explain your answer.

___Not in Control____ Oppositional Majority in Congress  _Control__ Skill in working with Congress  __Not in Control_____ Election resulted in a landslide win  __Not in Control_____ National crisis... more


How to use fraternity, solidarity, collective, solitude, lodestone, redemption, pyre, corruption, abyss, dentention in a sentence

Using these words turn it to a full written story

Has the English language changed since 1854?

I've started reading a book named Walden, published in 1854. I am not a native English speaker, I am Persian, and I want to read this book for two reasons:to improve my English and because I think... more


How do you paragraph dialogue when multiple characters are acting?

So if I'm correct, you start a new paragraph in dialogue every time a new character is the one focused on. So if character A says something and then does an action that's all one paragraph, but... more

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