I came in 9:15 to 4:30 took half hour lunch

I came in 9:15 and left 4.30 with half hour lunch break


Ben needs 1 3/8 of fabric to make one banner. How many banners can he make from 4 1/2 yards of fabric?

How do I solve this word problem?

How to solve and what's the answer to the problem?

Colombian  coffee beans cost $5.50 per pound, while Peruvian coffee beans cost $4.25 per pound. We want to mix the beans together so as to produce a 40 pound bag, costing $4.60 per pound. How many... more



Suppose that there are two types of tickets to a show: advance and same-day. Advance tickets cost $20 and same-day tickets cost $40. For one performance, there were 60 tickets sold in all, and the... more

How do I answer this word math problem

The number of calories you burn depends on your weight. A 170?-pound person burns 116 calories during 30 minutes of bowling. Find the number of calories that a 240?-pound person would burn during... more

How do I answer this word math problem

At 3 p.m., Coretta's shadow is 1.03 meters long. Her height is 1.46 meters. At the same time, a tree's shadow is 6.16 meters long. How tall is the tree?(Round answer to the nearest hundredth.)

How do I answer this word math problem

A survey of students at a university shows that 3 out of 4 drink coffee. Of the students who drink? coffee, 1 out of 5 adds cream to it. If the university has 10,000 ?students, find the number of... more


Estimate the sum by rouding to the nearest ten.


I need help to find how much wheat crackers can each glass and plastic container hold

Half a dozen glass container and 2 plastic containers can store up to 180 wheat crackers. Four glass containers can store a total of 25 more wheat crackers than 5 plastic containers. How many wheat... more

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