ARIMA model, tools, diagnostic problem

Describe the diagnostic tools you would use to determine if your model is appropriate! What can we learn from these tools? Why do we care? Which tests are used to detect the diagnostic... more


Statistics PDF question.

A random variable X has the pdf f(x) = kθ^k/ x^(k+1) , x ≥ θ,where k and θ are parameters, and > 0. This random variable is called Pareto random variable. (a) Sketch the graph of f(x). (b) Show... more


Differentiate y = (r^2 − 6r)e^r


If cos ⁡x=−1/2, and 90°<x<180°, find tan⁡(x+30°).

If cos ⁡x=−1/2, and 90°<x<180°, what is tan⁡(x+30°) in radical form?


If sin⁡ x=2√2, and 90°<x<180°, what is tan⁡(x/2)?

If sin⁡ x=2√2, and 90°<x<180°, what is tan⁡(x/2)??


Complement and Independent events.

Show that if A and B are independent events, then the pairs A and B', A' and B, A' and B' are also independent.How do I prove it?

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